Taichi Kawasumi (川澄泰一; Kawasumi Taichi) is one of the primary protagonists of Hibi Chouchou. Over time, he is the love interest/boyfriend of the female lead, Suiren Shibazeki.

Background Edit

Kawasumi is a strong member of the Karate club, seemingly their ace. His rival in the sport is Atohira. He has been Takaya Ryousuke's friend since they were children training at the same dojo, and the two have become relatively inseparable after being in the same schools up until High School.

Appearance Edit

Kawasumi has slightly-shaggy blonde hair which spikes up at the top. He always wears square-framed glasses, except when participating in Karate practice.

He is usually seen wearing either his school or Karate club uniform but has been known to wear casual clothes during outings with Suiren.

Personality Edit

Kawasumi is portrayed as someone who has difficulty socializing with women. He is also not concerned with social norms, as shown when he doesn't obsess over Suiren like the other males of his school.

Despite appearing quiet and reserved to the point of hostility, Kawasumi is actually very shy and easily embarrassed. Simple things such as smiles or conversations with Suiren will cause him to blush most of the time. He is very bashful when making decisions about his emotions.

He has also been shown to be kind but serious. He's very hard-working and diligent, but maintains a playful side when speaking to his best friend Takaya Ryousuke, although he will often put him down to tease him.