Yuri Kudo is Suiren Shibazeki's and Aya Shimizu's friend.

Background Edit

Yuri has been shown to have attended the same Middle School, Shuei, as Takaya Ryousuke and Kawasumi Kouha. In the beginning of the story, she makes fast-friends with Shuiren and Aya, despite their failure to socialize immediately. She later finds someone she likes at her cafe.

Appearance Edit

Yuri has large eyes with oval-shaped irises and short eyelashes. She is always shown with her hair tied up in two pig tails on each side of her head with bangs going over her entire forehead, although she has two, longer tendrils hanging from each side of the bangs out of her pig tails.

She is almost always portrayed in her school uniform and is seen wearing casual clothes on occasion.

Personality Edit

Yuri has a very upbeat and girly personality. She believes in romance and is an active supporter of Suiren and Kawasumi's relationship. She is shown to be quite nice and understanding, never getting jealous of the attention that Suiren gets and even feeling sympathy for her situation when Aya describes it.

She's shown to be very friendly and often is shown smiling. She tries to be helpful in almost every chapter and is somewhat of a confidant for Suiren when it comes to matters of the heart. Although, she understands Suiren, she is still aware of how her looks affect people and therefore, did not wish for Suiren to meet the boy she likes, who works with her at a cafe.